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aims for increasing your customers' value perception of your services. Make a difference and impress your clients while increasing your efficiency. Our bluepinion CRM system provides you with everything necessary – carefully embedded in your existing IT landscape.

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10 questions and answers that show why bluepinion CRM is better for your business than any other solution:

1. Are you meeting with EU GDPR requirements yet in a way that perfectly supports everyday work?

EU GDPR brings clear rules about ‚permissions’ and information duties. Furthermore it defines duties regarding documentation. bluepinion CRM supports

  • the efficient initialization of your existing data according in order to meet with GDPR requirements
  • on-going lead generation including permission and documentation handling, both online and offline
  • instant overview over permissions granted and not yet granted by a person and the process to request missing permissions formally and efficiently from within the system. Three or four mouse clicks away.

2. Do you benefit from full transparency in your company-wide task management yet?

Assign tasks easily to yourself and to others, classified into your specific task types. bluepinion CRM will notify you automatically about status changes and urgencies. And you have full insight into your colleagues’ task lists in order to evaluate and understand at any time their actual load level and achievement grades.

3. Have you already interconnected successfully your existing systems with your CRM?

In order to optimize availability of information we interconnect upon request bluepinion CRM with your existing systems like bookkeeping, ERP, project management and service protocoling systems.

4. Do you feel at ease with your data yet? In terms of consistency, misuse and data theft?

Each and every change of relevant data, each communication step and any creation of lists from your data is being logged in the background. Traceability of activities in relation with your data is guaranteed. And a highly sophisticated structure in assignable user rights protects your data and safeguards your interests.

5. Can you access and integrate data from public and professional sources in your CRM yet when you are chasing potential new clients?

We can provide you with access to public and professional data sources from within bluepinion CRM. Specifically when it comes to GDPR compliance this has a high relevance regarding your future possibilities to address yourself to potential new clients.

6. Can you see upon a simple mouse-over yet where your team members are and whether they are reachable? Respectively: when they will be reachable again?

We create transparency regarding presence, absence, reachability and the corresponding office location of your team members. This even works for home office days. As this information is relevant for your internal efficiency level we have combined it with a notification service via email and/or text messages whenever your presence status information is overdue.

7. Can you administrate persons and organizations independently from each other yet and then interconnect them logically in any order?

Services are always sold and provided to people rather than to anonymous organizations and markets. That is why we have conceptualized persons to be the center of bluepinion CRM. But you can interconnect a person with any number of organizations in bluepinion CRM. A person may be CEO of company A and be a member of the advisory board of company B. Or he or she is president of your tennis club. That’s reality and that’s how bluepinion CRM let’s you picture it

8. Can you interrelate persons and organizations freely to properties and classifications yet?

bluepinion CRM enables you to classify information just the way you need it. No matter whether you need it related to persons or organizations. Samples?

  • Assign specific skills, areas of interest and specific competences to persons. A person can be assigned to the tag ‚decider CRM’ for example.
  • Assign sectors, network memberships, your internal sales responsibilities and/or a lead status to an organization. Via drag-and-drop.
And you can include these assignments into any search on bluepinion CRM.

9. Are you able to call people upon one mouse click from your CRM yet?

There are three possible levels of integration of your telephone system and bluepinion CRM:

  • level one: dial numbers from the CRM via mouse click (optionally on your mobile phone)
  • level two: store call recordings related to the call participants
  • level three: full integration of your telephone system with your CRM data

10. Can you see upon one mouse-click yet who has written to whom and what he has written, and what clients, potential clients and suppliers have answered?

bluepinion CRM is integrating with your person related email correspondence and makes it available to your entire team. Team members can see upon a mouse click who has communicated with whom. Like this bluepinion CRM is providing a fast overview over the communication status of open issues with clients, potential clients and suppliers.

Tailor-made solution

including everything you need for customer management and satisfaction. Lots of useful features for your industry are included, and we also develop functionality to fit your individual needs.

For agencies

More than a sales controlling tool – bluepinion is an overall information system and ideal for agencies of any size.

For auditors and advisors

More than data storage – seamless integration with BMD accountant software and systems of other providers.

For job recruiters and HR

More than a HR tool – link organizations intelligently, dynamically and easily with the ideal applicants.

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